About the Calgary Food Bank

Calgary Food Bank logoThe Calgary Food Bank is an emergency food distribution hub. The Calgary Food bank gathers and distributes quality emergency food to individual Calgarians and the agencies that serve them.

Amble with Angus specifically supports The Children's Milk Program at the Calgary Food Bank which enhances the nutritious food choices of women and children in low-income families that have limited, inadequate or insecure access to sufficient, nutritious, personally acceptable food, to meet the daily needs of an active and healthy life. Milk and baby formula is accessed through the Home Delivery Program and/or the Agency Program.

129,948 families and individuals from ALL neighbourhoods and ALL quadrants of our city used the Food Bank last year, and the Children's Milk Program delivered 62200 litres of milk.

The Calgary Food Bank provides food and resources every day because of the dedication and compassion of their volunteers. 110 amazing volunteers give their time each day. 6,121 people volunteered last year for a total of 112,330 hours. Two-thirds of the Food Bank is powered by volunteers! For every $1 we receive we can distribute $5 worth of food to hungry Calgarians.