About the Calgary Food Bank

Food Bank

The Calgary Food Bank is an emergency food distribution hub. The Calgary Food bank gathers and distributes quality emergency food to individual Calgarians and the agencies that serve them.



Amble with Angus specifically supports the purchase of milk and baby formula for the Calgary Food Bank, to meet the daily needs of an active and healthy life of women and children. Providing nutritious food for children to thrive is what Amble with Angus is all about. Milk and baby formula is accessed through the Emergency Food Hampers and Food Link agencies.


180,666 families and individuals from ALL neighbourhoods and ALL quadrants of our city used the Calgary Food Bank last year.

80,191 cartons of milk were distributed to children, pregnant and nursing women in 2018.

Fast facts

0 Lives affected
0 Volunteer hrs/yr
0 Request calls for hampers
0 Referrals from 300+ agencies

Meet Angus Cowan

Despite the winter weather, Calgarians like you continue to respond with tremendous and unprecedented generosity to ease the hardships of others in our community. In 2018, we again had hundreds of participants and volunteers that ensured our event was fun, safe and successful. The 2018 Amble generated over $40,000 in donations to the Calgary Food Bank.

We are inspired each year as local students continue to energize the Amble. We always hope that our Amblers leave thinking about how they can volunteer in their community, encourage others to volunteer or even think about starting their own event. It’s easier than you may think.

Thank you again to all that have supported and participated in our fun runs. We hope to see you at the starting line in 2019!

Angus Cowan